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Carlin House and Turner Museum
Carlin House and Turner Museum
Carlin House and Turner Museum
226 W Main St
Palmyra, WI  53156

Hours  Saturdays 10-2. Special tours can be arranged by phone.

Direction tip!  Corner of W Main St & Third St
262-495-2412  Tel

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The home of the Palmyra Historical Society features local WWII artifacts among its many exhibits of local and area interest. The Carlin House was a gift from Fisk Carlin, the descendant of two prominent pioneer families, the Welds and the Carlins. The house has been restored to the 1890-1900 period to reflect the era of the birth and early childhood of Mr. Carlin who was its last occupant. The Turner Museum is dedicated to the memory of the Robert H. Turner family, a prominent family in Palmyra.

Architectural Details

The building was designated as a historical landmark on the National Register in 1985 for its Greek Revival style of architecture.


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