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National Dairy Shrine Visitor's Center
National Dairy Shrine Visitor's Center
National Dairy Shrine Visitor's Center
407 Merchants Ave
Fort Atkinson, WI  53538

Hours  Closed for remodeling January-June 2007. Regular hours: Sept-May: Tue-Sat 9:30-3:30. June-Aug: Tue-Sat 9:30-4:30, Sun 11-3.

Direction tip!  Adjacent to the Hoard Historical Museum on Hwy 12 E (Whitewater Ave)
920-563-7769  Tel
920-568-3203  Fax

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The self-guided, multi-media tour of the National Dairy Shrine Visitors' Center captures the sights and sounds of dairy farming of the past, present and future. From milk stools to milk bottles, cow blankets to tail holders, families love to explore National Dairy Shrine's extensive collection of dairy artifacts, gadgets and mementos. Peruse the extensive library of more than 350 dairy-related books that are on display.

Groups & Tours

Groups of 20 or more are encouraged to call for an appointment.

Free. Donations appreciated.
Free attraction
Fun with the kids
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