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Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue
Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue
P.O. Box 22
Belleville, WI  53508

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All "Rescued" German Shepherd Dogs are taken to a veterinarian to be treated for any obvious medical condition, brought current on all shots, and spayed or neutered. Each dog is placed in a loving Foster Home until a suitable permanent home can be found. Our "Rescued" German Shepherd Dogs come in all ages, colors, sizes, and personalities. Rarely do we receive dogs under the age of one year.

Potential new homes are thoroughly pre-screened. Potential adoptive owners must be willing to bring a German Shepherd Dog into their home as a family member. Owners must be prepared to provide proper food and clean water, vaccinations and any other medical expenses, daily exercise, and most of all, lots of love. Our adoption donation averages $175. Adopters are responsible for any shipping expenses for long distance placements.

The Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue record was last updated: 2006-05-22 23:11:46 CST (GMT-6)

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